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The Lakehouse Grille - Menu Page

Call for reservations: 574-842-2234

The Lakehouse Grille menu features a combination of appetizers and main entrees to satisfy any appetite. Whether you are wanting a lite dinner after a day at the beach or a four course dinner to celebrate a business win, we have the menu items for you.

Start out your dinner with some Sushi! Our Sushi menu is second to none! Ask for our latest Sushi menu when visiting the Lakehouse.

Please note: Sushi is available Wednesday thru Saturday.

The Lakehouse also features dinner specials. Ask your server for the evenings specials, also check the facebook page for dinner specials!

Click on the links below to view the latest pdf file of the Lakehouse Grille's menu. We look forward to seeing you at the Lakehouse Grille.

New Menu - April 2016

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The Lakehouse Menu Page 2

The Lakehouse Menu Page 3

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